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Produk-produk Otomotif / Car Care dari Motto Curah
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Car Seat Cleaner
The deep cleaning action of this product lifts dirt & grimes. It Contains special solvent to protect the fabrics / leather. Strong perfume make the uphoistery smell fresh. Available in 600ml bottle.
Shampoo Mobil

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Car Shampoo
There are two kind of shampoo, Car shampoo wax and car shampoo non wax. Available in 600ml bottle and 5000ml jerry can.
Poles mobil

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Car Polish Diamond Glaze
It is designed in a "Two in one" formula which contains "Gloss Maximising" acrylic and fast curing polimer. It is the newest innovation in polishing formula the acrylic yields out a high gloss appearance and make your car very appealing. Available in 600ml bottle.
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(Water Stain) Stubborn Stain Cleaner
Stubborn stain cleaner is very effective in cleaning the stubborn stain on any part of the car body and have no adverse effect on the body finishes. This is the uniqueness of the formulation. Available in 600ml bottle.
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Wind Shield Cleaner (Moulds)
Wind shield cleaner moulds is formulated using some special formula which can remove moulds very easily and it contains glass triguard protector which protects and reduces the adverse effect for European car. Available in 600ml bottle.
Pengkilap Ban

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Wipe and Glaze
It is specially designed to protect and renew the rubber, vynil, and leather of your car, also restores fading colour of your rubber, vinyl, and leather to bring out new looking and shiny colour. Available in 600ml bottle.

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Rubbing Compound
Premium Grade. It is designed in a "water base" formula which contains "very considerate" abrasives and fast curing NANO Polymer. It is the newest innovation in polishing formula. The rubbing compound is consisted of a combination of many thoughtful abrasives to be able to remove medium to heavy oxidation and scratches, and it would not leave swirling traces on paintwork afther polishing.
Available in 1 Kg can.
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